Advent Reflections Letter 2014

Welcome to our Advent Reflections for 2014

Theme: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”

Advent is a season of reflection and anticipation of the soon coming Christ. Unfortunately, Advent is seemingly getting lost in our culture.  It would be too easy to blame the younger generation, but is our, (the older generation) to teach the current generation the traditions of the Church.  Often, when we think of December, the first thing that pops into the mind of many is “Christmas.” Again, unfortunately, Christmas is often associated with long lines in the department store, trying pick out the right gift, cooking a good meal, etc. What is often missing from the list of things to do is preparing our hearts for the coming of Christ. It is my humble request that you use these reflections to prepare you and your families for the journey of Advent.

On this Advent journey, it is our prayer your hearts become like those disciple that was on the Road to Emmaus, when they said, “…didn’t our hearts burn,” when they realized that they were in the presence of Jesus. May your hearts experience Jesus’ coming through “Intentional Reflection” that will deepen your relationship with Him. Prayerfully you will become familiarity the “height,” the “width,” the “depth” of God as your understanding of “who Jesus is” becomes alive and shine bright as the “star” that pointed the “Wise Men” to where Jesus was.  

Advent begins on the First Sunday in Advent, November 30, and lasts through Christmas Eve, or December 24. When Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday, it is the last, or fourth Sunday of Advent. During this Advent Season we using images of God from the “O Antiphons.”  O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” 

Each week I will have a short reflection that will help guide us during our weekly preparation. Each reflection will build upon the other and prayerfully invite you to journey with us. I am using the term “we” or “us” to mean the community of faith.

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