Advent 2019 Week 3

The Third Week of Advent

Come, Lord Jesus, Come! Come and visit your people.
We await with earnest expectation of your coming.

My soul proclaims your greatness, O God, and my spirit rejoices
in you my Savior
.    Luke 1:46b-47

There is a profound difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is circumstantial. It’s easy to obtain but also easy to lose. In America, we are encouraged to pursuit of happiness, but that usually means accumulating more material things. We can accumulate all the wealth and material things in life and still not be happy.

JOY on the hand has nothing to do with material goods or wealth. God made us for joy. JOY is one of the Fruit of the Spirit. Joy is something we should all be striving for. Joy should be part of our lives. Our world can be turned upside down and we can still have JOY. Joy, like love, is always so good that it has to be shared. JOY is something that God designed for all of us to obtain. JOY is Kingdom language! s.

May the very thought about the word JOY fill our hearts this Advent Season. I am sure that Mary and Joseph’s heart was full of JOY when they saw the face of the Baby Jesus. I am equally sure that the Shepherds once they heard felt JOY in their hearts when they went to see the Baby Jesus, in the manger.

Invitation to Prayer: Pause and prepare yourself for this time of prayer. Reflect on a time in your life when you experience the JOY of the Lord.

Prayer: Good and gracious God, draw us near to you today. Help us to reconnect to the JOY we once experienced. During this Advent, let us walk in your JOY. Amen!

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Visits: 32

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