True Vine Church

Advent Week Two 2013

Second Sunday of Advent Reflection

By Rev. Dr. Trevor D. Alexander

Make ready the way…clear a straight path.” (Mark 1:2)

Zechariah proclaim: And you, little child, will be called a prophet of God Most High, you will go ahead of the Lord, to prepare the way before Him….”  Luke 3:1-6

During this time of the season, many people are preparing for Christmas. Shopping for the right gift!  There can be no greater joy of preparing one heart to receive the greatest gift of all. What is this greatest gift? God’s love!  God love is tangible and life-challenging, as well as life-changing.

Prepare the way of the Lord,” was the mission of John the Baptist. John was the voice crying in the wilderness, preparing the way of the Lord.  Every day of his adult life, he worked on preparing the people to receive the Lord, Jesus. Most people went on their merry way, ignoring John’s message.  Some took time out of their busy schedules to stop and listen to John’s message. Some even resonated with his message.

Preparing the way may involve us conducting some internal “soul-cleansing,” “soul-refining,” “soul-clarifying,” and even “soul-repenting” of all the negativity and destructiveness elements within us.   When we are involved in cleaning our own houses or more to the point, our own hearts, we must make room for “forgiveness,”  “compassion,” and “love.”  We must prepare our hearts to receive God’s grace and His Love. 

The time is right for us to conduct our self-examination.  John’s mission is still alive and active today. Just as John prepared the way for the people in his day; we too must be prepare and help others to be prepared.