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Advent: Week One 2016

2016 Advent Prayer

1st Sunday, November 27, 2016

ONE PURPLE CANDLE We light this candle because, like God’s people centuries ago, we look forward with hope to the coming of Christ.

Opening prayer Lord God, Father of all, in your Son Jesus Christ you invite everyone and all to know and love you and to live in your unending peace. Keep alive in us the zeal to bring the Continue reading the story "Advent: Week One 2016"

Season of Advent 2016

from the pastorI greet you people of God, in the name of our most beloved Jesus, our Lord. The Advent season is upon us once again. It is my privilege to address you at the onset of this very important season in the life of the Church. It is OUR season that prepares us for the great Continue reading the story "Season of Advent 2016"

New Years 2016

Greetings my friends and Happy New Year! 2015 was a great year for True Vine Church. We have seen several people added to the Kingdom of God.  2015 was also a year where we experienced both trial and heartache. Friends and family members; left us here on Earth to be with our Heavenly Father. There is something about the lessons of time and experience in life Continue reading the story "New Years 2016"